October 15, 2014

DD #86 - Example Pete

Choosing to go back to graduate school to get my teaching degree was a huge step. Choosing to do it at Cardinal Stritch was an expensive one. Looking back on those two years, I remember enjoying the process and the people and knowing I made the right decision. While I only spent technically three semesters and a student teaching class there, I think my time there molded me just as much as my time in Madison did. While I grew socially in Madison, I grew more professionally at Stritch. My first ever class was early Monday morning and connected me with three other teachers-to-be that I stayed friends with after becoming a teacher. Mondays were my big class day.  I had about a three-hour layover between classes so rather than heading home just to head right back, I hung out in the library and sat on the sofas, chatted with peers, and occasionally did some homework. My peers teased me and called me "Example Pete" because my work was occasionally shown off in class. I took it with pride and a bit of arrogance, but I also gained so much excitement for when I could use this work in the classroom.

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