October 20, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #89 - The Beginning Was the End

As a baseball player, who knew that my best high school game would be the first one. My coach was very excited to see what I could do after a few sparkling defensive plays at third base and a team-leading five RBI that inaugural game my freshman year. I remember being jacked for my first official game and getting a bit of an inflated ego after my exceptional performance. Baseball can be a game where confidence matters.  Overconfidence can lead to carelessness and a loss of focus, which in turns lead to errors, miscues, and shattered confidence. I definitely had issues with this after my memorable opening day performance. The remainder of that year, I struggled physical, but had more problems mentally. My confidence took quite a hit and I never rebounded. I relied on my baseball skills and took for granted the art of preparation and focus. Without my head being in the game, only super-exceptional talent would save me.  Though I was adequate player, I couldn't get by or pure athleticism alone.  After one game I had five RBI and  a huge ego. After the season, I had a grand total of 6 RBI and a completely empty confidence.

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