October 3, 2014

DD # 82 - Friendship

Friendship was an odd name for the first cat in my life as she was not the friendliest of felines. She wasn't mean, but was only outgoing with a few choice people. Her black and white pattern and glaring green eyes will always have a special place in my heart. I had a nightly ritual with her. Before being tucked in, my father would retrieve her and place her in my bed before I could sleep. Often she stayed at my side and would nip me in the cheek when I turned in bed in a way she did not approve of. She was territorial for an indoor cat.  She had loud hissing matches when another neighborhood cat was in view of our front window, where she spent a good amount of time staring down the robins that inhabited the crabapple tree. She tolerated my pet rats and even laid down with them, under my supervision of course. I remember coming home from a shopping trip and seeing her lifeless body under the dining room table. It was my first animal loss. I was devastated. The special bond I had with her helped be become the animal lover I am today.

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