August 31, 2015

Summer's Last Stand

Though I am excited for  another school year, the end of summer is always bittersweet. The Dargatz Family likes to ride out summer in style so we trekked to the Dells for a weekend of some of our favorite things: hiking and history. Enjoy a look at our trip in picture format. 

P.S.  -We also stopped at Stand Rock (State Natural Area) and Rocky Arbor State Park but didn't take any pictures.

Circus World Museum - State Historical Site

That's a lot of wagons!

Mini version of my favorite wagon

Dells of the Wisconsin River -State Natural Area

Rainbow rocks

Mirror Lake State Park

This tree fell right as were walking on a  nearby trail

International Crane Foundation


We saw plenty of birds but did a good deal of hiking as well

H.H. Bennett Studio - State Historical Site


Wisconsin Dells Riverwalk

Devil's Lake State Park

Baby bushwhacking

A treacherous trip up

Bopping those blazes

Making an owl

Finished product

Pewit's Nest - State Natural Area

Giving her new friend a piggyback ride

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