August 5, 2015

A Readers Review

Toddler and time in general don't truly allow me to take long stretches of time to enjoy a look. However, today, with focus during nap time and cooler temps to enjoy plenty of playtime outside, I racked up nearly 200 pages to finish up a book I just started Monday. 

Book 17 of 2015, detailing behind-the-scenes details from the many different stages of one of my all time favorite movies Major League, struck me for may reasons. One, I love the movie. Secondly, though only a child, I was there for a good chunk of the filming and have those memories etched into my memory, especially crying continually because I couldn't handle seeing the same scene repeated over and over. Lastly, it combined baseball and Milwaukee, two things I adore. 

There are so many fun facts and interesting gems throughout this book so if you enjoy this over (and if you're me fried, you better), this book will be very enjoyable for you.

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