August 3, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #146 - Student Driver

Think back to your first driving lesson. I imagine you were in a safe setting where you felt relaxed and ready to learn the ins and outs of driving. I wish I could say the same for my initial lesson. Good decisions have sometimes escaped me. However, sometimes it might not be fully my fault.  

Looking back, I was surprised and excited that my father offered me his keys and asked me to drive home. I was familiar with the area, not too far from my house, and ready to learn by taking us home. Add in the fact that I had just left an eye doctor appointment with dilated eyes and you've got comedic gold. I felt like I was squinting the whole time and while hugely sensitive to light, I said nothing and my father did nothing. Maybe he figured that if I could make it home without crashing the vehicle with less that full faculties, I'd be all right.

And all right I was. Of course, the majority of the rest of my driving lessons came from my overly-excited sister. Learning in less than calm and traditional settings may have been exactly what I needed. Just maybe.

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