August 6, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #147 - Nothing in Life is Free. . .especially in Vegas

With three cousins graduating college the same year,  the family opted for one big vacation to Las Vegas. Some members of the family had been there before. My cousins came for Star Trek conventions. My aunts came for relaxation. My uncle came for. . .well, what most men come for. It was with that uncle that my male cousins and I learned an important life lesson: Nothing in life was free. We walked Fremont Street and came upon an adult entertainment complex with free admission. A group of 22 year olds entering a strip club is pretty normal. Doing so with their nearly 50 year old uncle felt a bit odd. That environment is not really my scene, so you can imagine my hesitation when a scantily-clad server led us to a table with our very own gyrating woman. An uncomfortable feeling spread as the cousins all whispered requests of departure. However, not wanting to upset our fearless leader (who was loving it) we ordered the old standard, Miller Lites. When she requested $27.50 for each small glass, we knew why there was no cover charge. We promptly walked out, much to the chagrin of our much more Vegas-experienced uncle.

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