August 18, 2015

Discovering Dargatz # 150 - Reading Shmeading

In elementary school , I remember our monthly trips down North Avenue to the Wauwatosa Public Library. We would begin in a presentation room to see the latest and greatest in children's literature before exploring the library for our own interests. one certain time. I came across the book that changed everything: Where's Waldo? It wasn't exactly a reading book but it was a change from my usual comic strip books of Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, and Hagar the Horrible. From that point on, not only did I take a closer look at the books in the library, I paid attention to books at other places as well. My summer trips to Mayfair always included a trip to the bookstore. Sure, I still spent a good chunk of time in the humor section, but I also meandered through the non-fiction and the fiction series areas. I cherished my weekend trips to Half Price Books to pick up anything and everything that interested me. I couldn't wait for the monthly Troll Book Order to be handed out by my teacher so I could make a wish list. That Where's Waldo? moment it inspired a love of reading that is stronger than ever.

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