August 14, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #148 - First Pitch from The Kid

The Sluggers had just returned from the Wisconsin State Special Olympic summer games as softball gold medal champions. Invited to a local college baseball league's home game, the athletes were excited to get to be on the field during pregame festivities and get announced to the crowd. As their coach, I was equally excited to be able to throw out the first pitch.

Was excited. . .

That excitement quickly transformed into nerves as I was told that I would be throwing said first pitch to one of the owners of the team who just happened to be a major league Hall of Famer and childhood here, Milwaukee Brewers legend, "The Kid," Robin Yount.

As gametime ticked closer, the heartbeat ticked faster. The walk to the mound was short, but agonizing. I know they announced my name, but I didn't hear it. I just wanted to avoid making a fool out of myself, something I am quite prone to do.

The time had come. I reared back, let'er fly and threw a straight pitch that grazed the upper edges of the strike zone and safely into "The Kid's" mitt. That autographed ball is now safely tucked away in my basement. Play ball.

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