August 10, 2015

Dadventures #23 - Start 'em Young

Being married to a sports enthusiast and being  a gigantic fan myself, it was guaranteed any child that came into this family was sure to be exposed to sports. Whether attending a game, watching daddy play or coach, or checking out our favorite team on television, my daughter has had ample opportunity to fall in love with sports.

And she has fallen hard.

Giggles of glee every time we drive past Miller Park. Squeaks of delight whenever we come across one of our mascot friends. But my favorite is her random chants and cheers.

While watching a Brewers game on TV, she claps along with the crowd. She breaks into a random Go Bucks Go during basketball games and is quick to throw up the touchdown sign anytime football hits the screen. When given her choice from a variety of hats, it's the Brewers one that is usually the pick. She even seems to be OK with me watching "daddy's game" when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on.

As time goes on, I sure hope she sticks to being a sports lover. Based on her genetic makeup, I'm confident she will. Regardless, she will definitely have plenty more sports opportunities.

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