August 4, 2015

Dadventures #21 - Hitting the Right Notes

It is no surprise music is compelling and intriguing to young children. The sounds. The rhythm. The volume. We use music often with Embry. It started before she was born as we went to a Shinedown concert while she was in utero. Based on her activity level that evening, she is definitely a rocker chick. The musical mayhem continued in the newborn stage. Besides music being played throughout the house most of the day, she has toddler tunes during bathtime, I tend to "sing" her books to her during reading time, and pretty much put on a concert throughout the day in every situation. Even when I am cleaning around the house, I have the hard rock station blaring from the TV. Embry obliges by headbanging and even attempting the rock on salute. Now as we are deep into the toddler stage, our musical performances evolving. Songs still occur during story time, but are more prevalent during potty training as a song or two is out "timekeeper" for an attempt. Embry tends to take the lead in much of the singing, and if you interrupt or join in without permission, she shuts you down. She's a musical diva in training.

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