August 19, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #151 - School Projects

A new initiative in my district or project-based learning. By not means is this a new movement as I was a rare exception in my elementary school; I was THRILLED to do projects. As you're about to see, my creativity and effort may have been called into question in my elementary school projects career.

In kindergarten, I won the create a cover contest for our school play focusing on a talking robot named Colby.

By second grade, I was so motivated by our study of animals that I spent summer days creating animal presentations. My favorite was my research on the alligator, crocodile, caiman, and gharial family.

In third grade, I procrastinated on creating a project for the science & art fair so I spent the night before scrambling to create my teenage mutant ninja turtle illustrations packet.

Procrastination hit again in 4th grade. Rather than re-creating a TMNT book, I made two craptacular sports collages from pictures I cut out of sports magazines. One focused on hockey and the other on Shaquille O' Neal.

In 5th grade, I thought I would be being innovative by adding music to the background of my cassette-recorded book report on Dear Mr. Henshaw. I guess Beverly Cleary and Pray by MC Hammer weren't a great mix.

By middle school, I moved on to written reports.I still cherish the two battle-themed reports on The Battle of Saratoga and Hiroshima that grace a desk in my father's basement.

Maybe I'll muster up the courage to upload these gems one day. . .

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