August 12, 2015

Classroom Zoo # 30 - Math Champions

Sometimes, the best ideas come from small situations. In this instance, a trip to a resale shop ended up being the start of an exciting and addicting educational activity.

I regularly browse the local resale shops looking for fun and useful additions to my classroom. Sometimes, I know how an item will be used right away. Other times I buy first and come up with an idea later. When I saw the item in question, I knew in an instant that this would not only be used, but be popular.

And I was most definitely correct.

The replica wrestling championship belt is our Math Champions traveling trophy. Every day, we wrap up math with a song and dance and a round of math championship. And if I ever forget, the kids are sure to remind me. 

Whether it is counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, or backwards, the random selection of cards makes this championship a combination of both luck and skill. The final student standing is the champion.  their prize?  Holding the belt the next day during Math class and being added to the Wall of Champions.

Every child gets to be champion and WOW, has their counting improved dramatically. 

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