September 5, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #152 - The Winning Weiner

Winning would be sweet, but my real goal was to perform better than I did the first time around. To recap, being a racing sausage for the Brewers is legitimate. The running is real. The competition is fierce. A little too fierce for my taste at times. I didn't get into arguments over choosing which costume to don. I didn't bring extra running shoes in case I was racing that day. But others did. To each their own.

In my first attempt, I was the Polish. Not wanting to further the Polish stereotype but finding it useful in this moment, I lost a bit of my cleverness once the costume was on. Rather than run full speed, I schmoozed with the crowd. This led to an earful from my supervisor. Apparently, Major League Baseball hands out fines for between-inning entertainment that goes too long. So, running the race the right way isn't just requested, it is expected. 

When my name appeared on the schedule as a racer for the second time, the nerves were much more apparent. Regardless, they nurtured a new racing spirit. As the Italian, a dramatic comeback and last second lunge propelled me past my costumed competitors.
My last day as a sausage. Embry wasn't impressed.

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