September 22, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #153 - Ball Attendant

Known as a retired racing sausage, it is often forgotten that I had my fair share of other sweet gigs, including one of my personal favorites, the ball attendant. From the text message I received the day before my first ever time at that position stating "Bring your glove," I was hooked. The stories and memories could last way more than 200 words, so rather than tell them all, I'll throw a few teasers your way and if you want to learn more, just let me know.

-My first ever game included a come from behind victory and a mammoth Prince Fielder shot against the rival Cardinals

-Playing catch with Hunter Pence is an adventure. He guns it and has an unorthodox release

-Certain outfielders tend to pout when they end the previous inning 

-One particular outfielder in general has a "Rube Baker" complex

-George Kottaras nearly killed me (or at least my chance of having kids) with a line drive 

-Harassing the attendant for a ball does not help your chances

-I loved pitching changes in cooler weather because I got to run and get the reliever's warmup jackets. It's the little things that count.

-Chicks dig ball attendants

P.S. - All of the above are true, except for maybe that last one.

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