September 6, 2015

Clssroom Zoo #32 - NBCT

Always striving to push myself and having a knack for keeping busy, it made sense that once I achieved my Master's Degree and the 27 credits that were once part of my school district's salary table, I had to try something new. I wasn't interested in getting a doctorate and it wasn't financially sensical to continue coursework (though as a lifelong learner, I did anyways). I learned about a program that led to national certification, perfect for us struggling with the "hoop-jumping" professional development plan, or PDP, required by our state to remain licensed. A good friend and amazing teacher joined me on the journey to National Board Certification.

Lots of meetings. Playing e-mail tag. Long days. Longer nights. Annoying re-writes. I distinctly remember how my excitement was dashed and destroyed as my first videotaped lesson and my plan for my writeup was determined to be "way off." On the verge of quitting, I pressed on. I remember walking with my wife to the local FedEx to drop off my submission package, putting my fate in the hands of unknown reviewers from unknown places. Then, one November Saturday morning, I anxiously checked my e-mail at 6:00AM to see the word "Congratulations."

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