July 15, 2015

Down in the Dumps (Both of 'em)

Both are time-consuming.

Both are necessary.

Both seem to go on and on, with many times feeling like little to no progress is even being made.

But when the deed is done, sweet relief sets in. Until you have to do it all over again.

Any ideas?

Well, both activities can be crudely summed up using one word: dump.

Today has revolved around two activities. Yard waste and potty training. In other words, loading up the car and bringing yard waste to the dump and potty training my daughter to help her. . .well, you know.

Cut down branches. Pile up debris. Take daughter to potty. Carry debris to car. Load up car. Take debris to dump. Come home. Take daughter to potty. Repeat.

In oth situations, with every trip, you feel closer to being finished, only to find out there's so much left to do.

Well, break time is over. Back to the dump. Which one you may ask? Take your pick.


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