July 27, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #145 - Lost Turtle

I've had a variety of  turtles. Painted turtles. Red-eared sliders. Wood tortoises. Box turtles. What started as an interest in aquatic turtles has moved to the much cleaner land-dwellers. I've enjoyed having turtles so much, I often get chided by my significant other. She requests I purchase some public access TV time and host a Turtle Talk show. I've had my fair share of turtle tragedies and scares. One such event was when I was turtle father to three sliders. After leaving my reptiles in the care of my roommate for a weekend, I returned to one less turtle. With no plausible escape route visible, I assumed the worst and confronted my roommate. To his astonishment and mine, he knew of no such situation. After wrapping our heads around the issue, we searched. Caught in the corner behind a bookshelf, he was dirty and dry but alive. Apparently, this death-defying adventurer squeezed his way out, plummeted nearly five feet to the carpet, stuck close to the wall and ventured around the perimeter of the room until there was nowhere left to roam. Based on the dustbunnies he uncovered, I knew I needed to foolproof my tank and clean my room.

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