July 31, 2015

Classroom Zoo #29 - Boo Boo Juice

Despite spending thousands of dollars for classroom supplies over the years, there comes a time where enough is enough. I am very appreciative of all the generosity of my district and community in terms of providing supplies. If I feel a certain item is crucial to student learning, I rarely hesitate to make a purchase. However, one particular item draws my ire. Though not directly related  connected to learning, not having this item or an accepted alternative creates chaos in the classroom. The item: bandages.

Kindergartners would use hundreds of these daily. Literally. No joke. I found this out my first year with five year old, injury-prone children. While the hyperbole related to their agony was high, the whining wouldn't ever end until that injury (even the small and/or invisible ones) was cared for. The comfort of that elastic against the skin worked wonders. Bandages also worked magic. They made money disappear.  Part of my weekly routine was raiding the nearest Walgreens. 

There must be a better way. And there is: Boo Boo Juice. Put a fancy label on a  water-filled spray bottle and problem solved. Non-blood injuries are resolved with one quick spray. Instant dropoffs in  "injuries," and aggravation.

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