July 21, 2015

Dadventures #19 First of Many

Embry has already been to many sporting events. She has responded quite well and absolutely loves the mascots. However, her first sporting event might have been the most memorable so far. 

May 28th, 2013

At six weeks of age, we weren't sure how long we would make it with our bundle. I think we were both surprised at how well she did and through we made it 9 innings, we missed a ton. This rivalry game with the Minnesota Twins lasted 14 innings. Brewers rookie shortstop tied a franchise record with six hits. The Italian won the sausage race in the 6th AND 12th. In our wonderful season tickets, we came the closest to getting a foul ball. Unfortunately, the Brewers lost 6-5.

Fast forward two years.

We go to games regularly, though Embry's attention has turned from the field to the playground. When she does manage to relax in our seats, she's enamored with Bernie Brewer's house, the fireworks, and the sausages. We still see Jean Segura. The sausages still race. We still come close to getting a ball. And unfortunately, the Brewers still lose more than we'd like.

But any day at the ballpark is a good one.

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