July 30, 2015

Dadventures #20 - Pain Equals Pleasure

What is it about actual pain or the feigning injury or discomfort that makes babies and toddlers go crazy with laughter? Does your facial expression and/or tone stimulate hilarity? Is it because your reaction is unexpected? Or. . .are they just plain evil? Either way, when I bump into something (either accidentally or purposefully, but usually due to my clumsiness gene), my daughter is overcome with the giggles. Don't even get me started on hiccups. As if it were a reflex, I knock my noggin, she's bowling over with laughter. I stub my toe, she's hysterical. I smack my shin, she's in stitches. I wonder what would happen If I actually needed stitches. :) I guess i really shouldn't complain. Even though I injure myself on my own more than I'd like, I use the "fake injury" move to get her going or stop her from losing it. And while the pain is real most of the time, seeing her tears of happiness and hearing that contagious cackle do make the pain go away rather quickly.  Eventually, I hope her initial reaction to my ever so common casualties is more of concern, but until then, I'll just enjoy the laughter.

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