July 23, 2015

Discovering Dargatz #144 - Outnumbered Again

I am in a perpetual cycle of being outnumbered by women. Some see it as a blessing. Others as a curse. It is what it is. It began as being the baby in a set of four children. Did I mention I am the only boy? I can only imagine the makeup and clothes my sisters had me in growing up. Growing up "alone,"  I sought social and creative expression through joining choir, which of course was dominated by girls. I survived choir throughout elementary and high school and arrived in college, ready to unfurl my wings. However, my shyness inhibited that and instead I did spend a good chunk of time with the opposite sex, but only serving as their surrogate boyfriends to distract meat-hungry males away from them at local drinking establishments. Of course, I gained valuable experience to help decipher the inner workings of the female persuasion. . .yeah right. My outnumbered experiences continue into adulthood as I teach elementary school and am active in a writing organization, both heavily dominated by the better half. Being outnumbered is comfortable for me. One would think all this experience with women would help me better understand them. Think again.

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