November 12, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #100 - South Side Glide

My sister was into running and I was into spending time with her so naturally, I accepted her invitation to participate in my first five-kilometer race, the South Side Glide. She was a competitive runner and I was just a kid, so I wasn't too shocked when she told me she'd meet me at the finish line. I was just hoping I would be able to finish. Initially, I had trouble controlling my pace and went too fast too soon. This forced me to slow down my pace to a brisk walk in the later stages of the race. When an elderly man and his dog passed me, I knew I couldn't get beat by this couple. I increased speed and barreled towards the finish line, successfully completing my first 5K race, just seconds after the old man and his dog. That disappointment was quickly erased as a race representative took my information and told me I would get an awards at the post-race presentation.  I was totally pumped and expected to win first place for the kid's division. Unfortunately, my wish didn't come true and I was awarded 3rd in the 18-and-under division. Still, not too shabby for a first-timer.

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