November 19, 2014

DD # 104 - Fantasy Football Fiasco

Fantasy football attracts millions of football fans each season. As commissioner of my own league, I wanted a league that was less stress and more fun. Unfortunately, with my attempt to lighten the mood in my league, the more serious fantasy players have had major issues with the way I run my league. Most "regular" leagues have points awarded for "regular" categories, like touchdowns and yards. My league awards points for just about everything. In fact, if you had a player catch or throw a two-point conversion or get a safety, you'd almost be guaranteed to win that week. Another unique aspect of my league that drew moans and groans from traditional  players is that I have categories that take away points, such as interceptions and missed field goals. Also, much to the cries of the traditionalists, I include specific defensive players and categories like forced fumbles and tackles. While more traditional leagues end up with weekly scores like 40-29, or 34-26, my league often has weeks where teams get in excess of 200 points. While my league's wackiness is defined every season, without question, someone complains about the absurdity of my league. . . just the way I like it. 

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