November 21, 2014

DD #105 - Bachelor Party Bush

Bachelor parties are traditional get-togethers thrown to symbolize one last night of freedom for a groom-to-be. While no two parties are identical, there are usually similar themes: drinking, adult entertainment, and poor decisions.  I am proud to say the party in my honor fulfilled these three criteria, given you substitute adult entertainment with Brewers baseball. After enjoying some beers and the company of friends at the ballgame, we headed downtown to enjoy more beverages and enjoy the company. With plenty to drink and the jokes and conversation going wonderfully, I was having an awesome time. However, things took a quick and unexpected turn when a certain nameless friend asked which shot he could buy me to celebrate. Foolishly, I requested anything but McGillicuddy's or Goldschlager. He, wanting to apparently punish me, brought back two each of those vile liquids. While a fully coherent person might have either refused the drinks or at least taken them responsibly, I, in my less than coherent state, wanted to get this particular imbibing over with as soon as possible.  So, I took all four shots back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Let's just say a nearby bush was my next best friend and the end to an otherwise amazing evening.

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