November 18, 2014

DD #103 - The Ceremonial Candy Collecting

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As a child, many bright memories about this dark holiday revolve around trick or treating. Those Sunday afternoons, my sister and I and usually Uncle Johnny scoured the neighborhood for the best treats. The years that trick-or-treating Sunday fell on a Packers bye game were especially enjoyable. Each trip, our route was the same. We started with our own house before getting a religious pamphlet from our neighbor. We trekked down 107th towards Fisher Parkway before following the creek all the way down to church and then criss-crossing all the way back home. Every year had similar moments. The houses with the "take one" only  bowls stayed the same. The house with the sign bashing the holiday was skipped. We got peanuts from the same family.  We made sure to hit the house that gave pencils and pennies. Overall, the best thing that stayed the same was the ceremonial sorting of the goodies at the end of our candy collection. We were excited to sort our favorites and dismiss ones we didn't like.  Uncle Johnny was always happy to take away our rejects. I look forward to re-living this experience with my own family.

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