November 25, 2014

DD #107 - The Finger

Despite some pretty serious clumsiness, I have managed to avoid major injury, for the most part. However, if one body part has endured damaged, it would be my hands, with my cranium narrowly coming in second. Though I never really cared for the expression "knowing something like the back of my hand," the scars and deformations in my paws would be easily recognizable in a hand line-up. I have jammed, sprained, broken, lacerated, and pinched my fingers on more occasions than I could jot down, though I will try in this entry. I've slammed my hand in a car door. I've cut it numerous times in various fruit and vegetable peeling and slicing mishaps. My pinkie has been stuck in another football players helmet in a poor tackle attempt. Different parts of my hand have been burned in propane incidents changing tanks at the zoo. My thumb was sliced open mimicking an over the fence catch at a little league game. Many blisters have been endured. They've developed from carelessness during home improvement issues, overdoing it at youth group bowl-a-thons, and the simple negligence of not wearing gloves while gardening. I guess I will never make it as a hand model.

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