November 13, 2014

DD #101 - Christian Disciple?

I attended Lutheran grade school and high school and attended church weekly, but I don't think I'd consider myself a model for fellow young Christians to admire. My 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Irish, disagreed. I had self-control issues in school. I was loud, occasionally obnoxious, and just plain rude at times, yet these transgressions tended to fly under the radar because I wasn't the loudest, most obnoxious, or rudest.  In fact, I was a "middle of the road" kid.  My core group of friends was geekier and more of the responsible, rule-followers of my class. So, on one Sunday morning, when Mrs. Irish pulled my dad to the side to talk, I expected to be in trouble. I didn't realize the details of that conversation until the following Wednesday, which happened to be the last day of school and our school awards presentation. I was used to getting the perfect attendance certificate, but never in a million years was I expecting the Christian Discipleship Award. I was shocked when I got the award, as were some of my friends.  But shock turned into joy when I saw my father at the end of the presentation, invited to see me get awarded.

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