November 17, 2014

DD #102 - @$$hole the Fish

In the apartment I shared with two friends post-college graduation, something was missing. We needed something to serve as a focal point of our establishment. All three of us being zoo employees, the logical answer was something we all could add our own personality to: an aquarium. We enjoyed shopping for fish and aquarium accessories and suffered through some trials and tribulations. We had high water acidity that delayed our ability to add fish. We had an unsuccessful attempt at including aquatic frogs. Even our prize possession, the bala sharks, didn't last as long as we hoped. Through everything, one fish survived. Even before he grew into the largest fish in the tank, he was a bully, chasing others, hoarding food, and being a terror in the tank. We named him Asshole. He had a long life, but the behavior he exhibited and ruckus he caused led to his demise. While his final moments were not witnessed, we theorize our cat's pawing at the glass spooked him enough to jump out of the tank and get batted around, suffering an excruciating death before being lost (and eventually found) under our recliner, the Green Monster. I guess he got what he deserved.

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