November 5, 2014

DD #96 - Struck By a Star

I am not sure what motivated me to try out for the lead role in the grade-school musical, but I remember being excited about getting it and more excited about seeing my classmates' reaction when I started singing at the audition. I don't think they expected it. I'm not sure I did. Looking back, I don't really remember too much about the actual performance. I played Reuben, a shepherd boy, and I had lots of solo lines and songs. The night performance was not stressful at all due to the fact that our morning school performance was marred by absences and fill-ins. I remember being excited to perform and proud of what I accomplished. I still hum my big solo to myself. . . ."I'm not trying to be a big shot, I'm not trying to be something I'm not, but I've got to be what I believe inside of my heart. I'm just a shepherd boy, struck by a star." This was truly the beginning of my musical career and the confidence boost I needed to try new things and focus more on what I wanted to do rather than conform to what I thought others expected me to do.

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david said...

i was searching for that very line, and your post was the first entry on google. thanks for that!