November 6, 2014

DD #97 - Italian Encounter

I had no idea. I was oblivious to the opportunity that I had. I probably wasted time while I was there and missed opportunities I will never get back. Despite all of this, spending a week in Italy while in high school was one of the best experiences of my life. I served as a bodyguard at the Spanish Steps. I sang at St. Peter's Basilica. We toured the Colosseum. I met an Italian TV star and her dog. I served as a wingman for my friend's budding romantic relationship. We got lost far from the hotel and miraculously, made it back to our hotel unscathed. Many memories from this trip will last forever. Throwing coins at the Trevi Fountain. Finding out I enjoy American lasagna way more than the Italian version. Surviving Italian traffic and watching our bus driver take on on a death-defying adventure through the streets of Rome. The beauty of this experience was that I enjoyed amazing deals for the flight and lodging because our tour guide also taught Latin at our school, was Italian and had incredible connections with the airlines and many others in Italy. Maybe someday, I will experience the allure of Italy again.

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