April 28, 2014

Live and Love

Stressors overwhelm us at times. Were often tied up in the daily responsibilities and rituals of our lives. We often lose sight of the present because we are worried about the future or frustrated with the past.  Sadly, tragedy is often the kickstarter to a new way of looking at how we live.  Is focusing on the past and future truly living anyway?  Preparing for the future is responsible and prudent.  Fixating on it is seemingly worthless.  We can't control it, so why pretend that we can. Obsessing over the past is one of our favorite activities.  Learning from the mistakes of our experiences is not a terrible option, but I think making new experiences (and potentially new mistakes) is just as important.  Knowing a close friend experience tragedy in their lives is heartbreaking, but knowing their strength and witnessing their positivity is truly inspiring. Also, seeing the outpouring of love and support is absolutely amazing.

I 've seen my fair share of sadness and pain in my life and I am working on moving past it and starting fresh. I want to.  I need to. I urge all of us to use the past to guide our present to better our future.

Above all, love!  Love each other. Respect each other. As I tell my kindergarteners, "you don't have to be friends to be friendly" and "Kind words lead to kind results." Ignore negativity, overcome bigotry and hatred, and promote kindness and acceptance, but most of all. . .

Live a life of love.

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