April 16, 2014

DD #34 - Musical Moron

In my middle school years, music was just beginning to be an influential aspect of my social development.  A hot techno/pop band during that time was the British group, Ace of Base. Just recently, I had purchased my first CD player and bought my first three CD's. . .a Simpsons sing along, The Lion Sleeps Tonight the single, and the best of The Village People.  Yes, I was a cool kid. I was excited when I would pick up every new Ace of Base song.  From All That She Wants to The Sign, every time I went Best Buy or Target, I took the time to look for a new song and was pretty excited when I found one. Of course, none of this excitement compared to the feeling I got when I found a collection that all of these songs on one CD. You see, my naive prepubescent self was unaware of the difference between singles and albums and it took my sister to explain to me that musicians offered all  songs on an album. Luckily, I learned this lesson from my sister instead of a peer.  This most certainly saved me a great deal of grief and ridicule.

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