April 2, 2014

Classroom Z00 # 12 - New Years Resolutions???

Whether in  fourth grade or in my new digs at kindergarten, a rite of passage every January is the obligatory New Year's Resolutions. Each year, I help my students set goals. We focus on three types of resolutions: an academic one, a social one, and a "fun" one. Fourth grade responses were standard. Many students focused on getting "A's," making more friends, and improving and/or excelling in an extra-curricular activity, such as little league, gymnastics, or music. Though kindergarteners needed a little more assistance and we spent more time brainstorming, most responses had similar tones. Kindergarteners were less motivated by grades, but wanted to be "better at addition" or "write more". They wanted more friends, but focused on activities with friends like going to a waterpark or convincing their parents to allow a sleepover. One major difference was seen in the fun category. What kindergarteners lack in tact they make up for with their honesty and sometimes unique perspectives. Case in point, my kindergarten friends have made interesting resolutions. Many involved less reading and more video games. Some involved tying their shoes without any help. One involved eating more bread. Who knew kindergarteners were so aware of their carbohydrate intake?

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