April 14, 2014

DD #32 - Come Get Lei'd at the Desk

Working through college was more than an option, it was a necessity.  I was able to work for University Housing. After one year in the food service realm at Pop's Club, I was fortunate to get hired at Tripp Desk, the residence desk for TAS (Tripp, Adams, Slichter).  Being an Adams resident, this was convenient and much more appealing than stocking the shelves or scraping the plates at the dorm cafeteria. My desk was also a fully-functioning post office so I quickly became familiar with money orders, delivery confirmation, and all sorts of stamps. My sophomore year, I enjoyed coming to the desk, interacting with my cohorts, and doing the tasks of selling postage, stuffing mailboxes, handing out replacement keys, and putting money on food accounts. My final two years, I became the Desk Supervisor and had many adventures while in charge.  This was the beginning of the nickname Donkey, the duct tape chair fiasco, the "Come Get Lei'd at the Desk" mistake, and the famous Rollin' dance.  I worked with some amazing people who always made me laugh, saw some interesting residents with unique issues, and gained experience making decisions and handling scenarios that proved vital for the future.

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Anne Hatfield said...

Ha- I worked at the desk by Sullivan and Bradley while I was there back in the day! It was a great job as I also got a lot of studying done at night=)