April 10, 2014

DD #30 - Wanna Trade?

Sundays after church, my cousins and I would connect and talk about our plans for the day.  Seemingly every week, this included meeting and doing our usual activities.  Playing video games. . .walking to the creek. . . going to Mayfair. . . .playing basketball or handball . . . hanging out. An important staple of our times together was trading baseball cards.  We would constantly look through each other's collections and make trade after trade, with just as many trade proposals denied as accepted. Trading usually was not a once-a-get together activity.  We usually took breaks with some other of our regular activities before resuming the trading. The excitement and allure of trading was very adrenaline-inducing and always led to a good amount of debate and banter between the participants. We each brought our own collection binders, jam-packed with sleeves of our favorite players and unique cards. Of course, these days included a trip to one of our two local card shops, Capital Collectibles and Sportsworld. We would each bring a few bucks to buy that one special card or a few packs. Either way, whatever was purchased was used as bait for that ever-important next round of trading.

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