April 7, 2014

DD #29 - Like a Good Neighbor. . .

Growing up, my neighbors were an elderly couple who attended my church. As I got a bit older, I found out one snowy night that my services were volunteered by my father to help them with certain tasks.  I was being  babysat by my Uncle Johnny one winter Monday night.  I was enjoying a Monday Night Football game in my warm, cozy house while the snow piled up outside. A call was made and after talking to my neighbor, complaining to my uncle, and figuring out how to confront my dad, I reluctantly went out to shovel and got the ball rolling for what would be over a decade's worth of odd jobs completed for my appreciative neighbors.  Shoveling in winter was expected.  Trimming and mowing in summer a normal task.  Even raking leaves and clearing gutters was manageable. But some of the other chores were a bit unexpected. Reading Readers Digests from cover to cover.  Turning music pages while my neighbor played his piano. Retrieving and sorting the mail. I was never sure what I was going to do when the phone call came, but I was happy to get paid and happy to help out  a neighbor and friend.

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