April 10, 2014

Dadventures #2 - The Reveal

It seems like every time someone has good news to share, they must come up with a new and creative way of sharing that news. In a social media driven world, the creative opportunities are endless. This makes it easy and hard at the same time. I dealt with this dilemma when I was to reveal the news of my impending fatherhood with my school family. My school family considers me energetic and the "good kind of crazy", so something plain and ordinary wouldn't work, for them or for myself. I knew they would be ecstatic and overjoyed for my family. They knew I couldn't wait to be a father. I am used to being "outnumbered" as a male in an elementary school. It seemed like my school was, let's just say, "fertile." We were all used to hearing good news announcements from female staff members. However, I wanted my announcement to represent my male counterparts well and leave a lasting memory in the minds of my fellow staff members.  I wanted to spread my joy in a way that my school family would be happy for me, yet still represent my quite quirky and easygoing personality. I hope it worked.

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