April 3, 2014

DD #28 - Mini Golf

Many evenings during my high school years were spent at various mini golf courses in the area.  Whether it was a stop during a cruise down Highway 100 or a break from a Best Buy/Funcoland shopping excursion, mini golf was a regular event for my crew.  Maybe the allure was the smacktalk that inevitably occurred. Maybe this was our chance to showcase the athletic prowess we all thought we had. Maybe it was a chance to meet girls. Not sure our real motivation, but many dollars and hours were spent visiting different putt putts throughout the Milwaukee area. For all that practice, you'd think we might actually be good at it, but that never really came to be. This didn't stop our competitive juices from flowing. Eventually, four of us took a weekend trip to the Dells where nearly 200 holes of mini golf were endured with scores being kept and monies being exchanged. This epic culmination was the first and last of its kind and was our own rite of passage into post-mini golf adulthood. Though mini golf rounds are now few and far between, I can't help but remember these excursions every time I take to the course.

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