April 16, 2014

DD #33 - Brothers, the worst bar in the world

Regularly in college, I could be found at a drinking establishment known as Brothers with two friendly and attractive ladies.  While this may seem very exciting, I assure you my role was anything but. Brothers was known for expensive drinks, LOUD music, and guys. . .lots of them. Two close friends loved going to this place for all the attention they would get from the males who frequented there. However, while they were  social and didn't mind striking up conversation, they needed an out in case the conversations went dry.  I was that out.  I was able to spent many a night at Brothers to be the pseudo boyfriend in case one of my friends felt a gentleman caller was a bit too touchy-feely or aggressive. I was quick to take over that boyfriend role in spirit without any of the actual boyfriend benefits. In no way was I the bodyguard, as I am not a fighter or physically intimidating, but I was there to be the buffer and was called into buffer duty regularly. Every walk home, the girls would complain about the way the guys treated them and every following weekend, we'd all find ourselves back in the same situation.

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