April 14, 2014

DD #31 -My Introduction to the World of Racing Sausages

When I first was hired by the Brew Crew, I was aware that being a famous racing sausage was one of the jobs I could potentially be scheduled for when I walked into Miller Park, I was a bit surprised to find my name on the rundown sheet next to "Sausage Race - Middle of 6th" on only my second game ever. The excitement I felt when I realized that was overwhelming and the first thing I was moved to do was text my wife, who in turn took a half day to come to the park and cheer me on. I literally cannot even recall what my other jobs were before that fateful race. I do remember stretching, trying on the sausage for the first time, realizing I was lucky enough to get stuck with the sausage that had a broken strap, and completely freaking out about what i was about to do. Being the Polish Sausage, I finished 4th. I do claim ignorance on that lackluster finish. I found out after the race that waving to fans and attempting to high five players as I made the curve was frowned down on and the "race" was a legitimate race.

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