May 12, 2014

DD # 37 - BirthDay Disappointments

Childhood birthday parties are extremely important events.  they provide lasting memories to be enjoyed forever.  I can proudly say that i enjoy these memories because of the absurdity of events that happened to thwart my juvenile plans to throw an amazing party. To celebrate my 8th birthday, my family reserved a picnic area at Greenfield park for an outdoor party.  I was disappointed as we were forced to relocate to my house as the park and surrounding area was flooded out.  Having been disappointed, we tried again when I turned 9.  While we avoided floods, the party was once again relocated thanks to Mother Nature 's late deposit of about 4 inches of snow.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  I was NOT going to be fooled a third time. . .or so I thought. My 10th birthday involved a reserved room at Leaps N' Bounds, a venue made entirely of ball pits, slides, and tubes. Besides being an absolutely gorgeous summer-like May day, the host who ran our party had the worst games for 10 year old boys, including impersonating a wild animal for cake.  Birthday parties and I just don't get along!

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