May 13, 2014

DD # 38 - The Tail Twitch

I was walking outside  to head to a wrestling show when I couldn't quite get myself to close the garage door.  With a strange chittering coming from the rafters, I decided to get the opinion of my father before making my next move. We were shocked to discover a raccoon hanging out on top of the garage door and were forced to come up with creative ideas to get him down and out before enjoying our evening.  After a few tennis ball tosses and a broom didn't result in raccoon freedom, we decided on closing the garage door he was perched on, hoping that jostling would motivate him to jump down and scurry away. As the door slowly moved down, we each had a moment of trepidation as we saw him try to squeeze himself between the door as the opening was shrinking by the second.  He avoided getting squashed. . . mostly.  What we did see was shockingly surprising, and gruesome.  When we re-opened the door, he angrily left the premises without his tail, as it was pinched off. The tail still twitched as we swept it up. We left silently, hoping to never see our masked friend again.

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