May 14, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #39 - Younger OIder Brother

I've heard that the baby of the family gets certain perks not enjoyed by older siblings.  Perks like more freedoms, lowered expectations, and a general entitlement to more individual choice. I guess my family missed that memo.  Of course, having a sister with cognitive disability and some pretty major behavioral issues can alter that traditional equation. Instead of taking advantages of being the youngest child, I assumed the responsibilities of a younger older brother. During summers, watching over the house and taking care of my sister was the way it was. In fact, I didn't really realize that wasn't the norm until much later in life. Kery and I spent summers spending a good deal of time inside watching television or working on various projects. We read, organized, and even cleaned.  We did venture into the outside world beyond the comforts of our yard. I recall afternoon walks down the creek's path or making the rounds at Mayfair. The memories of those times that often enter my mind when I need them most. I can't say I'm disappointed I missed out on those youngest child perks because the adventures I had helped shape me in a way nothing else could.

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