May 23, 2014

It's the Little Things. . .

In life, we often get caught up I situations that provide stressors and anxieties instead of comfort and relief.  We often get so worried about the future and haunted by the past that we forget to enjoy the present. All too often, our minds are focused on the big picture. . .the overall goal. . . .the end game.  This takes us away from the little things. The things that make the world go round.  the things that really matter.

Over the last few days, I have been able to witness many "little things" and they have made a huge difference.

Three "little" words.  After a year of battling the structure needed for a classroom, one little friend dropped his guard and uttered, "I need help."  Those "little words"  showed tremendous growth.

Two "little" "Charlie Brown" trees.  On a nature walk in a preserve adjacent to our block, my family noticed a few tiny, nearly barren evergreens, reminiscent of the tree made famous in the Peanuts Christmas special.  One tiny tree.  Many fantastic memories.

One "little" hummingbird.  On that same walk, stopping in silence to admire an absolutely miniscule bird most would completely neglect to see. Observing a beautiful creature in its habitat is wonderful medicine.

One "little" worm for many, little babies. We were able to see a mother robin capture and gobble up an earthworm right in our own driveway. A delightful treat for growing fledglings and a reminder of the majesty of life.

Many "little" giggles. Spending an evening cracking up at the things my daughter does.  From her attempts at conversation to her excitement and blissful expression with every new discovery, each "little" giggle makes a gigantic love grow even larger.

Four or five "little" steps, with many more to come.  My daughter is learning to walk.  As my wife and I watched, she took her first steps. Though it was only a handful of steps before she plopped down clumsily, got back up again, and repeated for what seemed like hours, the happiness that exuded from her face as she realized her accomplishment was immeasurable.

What started as a few steps is just the beginning of a life's journey.  Hopefully, I can help her on her journey by focusing on the "little" things and letting life be something I love and enjoy, one "little" step at a  time.

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Sheila Carlin said...

Hello, Peter! You wanted grammatical comments also...correct? I'll do these first so I don't forget.
1) First paragraph: The "I" sb "in"; Capitalize the "T" in "The" @ the beginning of the sentence.
2) Second to last paragraph - last sentence: Do you think there sb a comma after "reality"? If not, I think you should remove the one after "hundreds of times"...What do you think?

As far as the actual story, I think you selected an excellent topic to write about! I've thought about that concept many times myself and try so hard to "live in the present" bc those "little", precious moments slip by so much more quickly than you could ever imagine! And most people, including myself, don't realize that is the case until it's to late. Your story reminds me to be more cognizant of the benefits of living in the present and not in the past or the future :-) !!!

Thanks for sharing your story! If mine is not the kind of feedback you're looking for, please let me know so I'll know what to focus on for future stories I read.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sheila

PS - I'd like to come in to help you and/or Courtney with whatever you need help with in the next two weeks. Please let me know if you'd be okay with coming in, and if so, the dates and times that would work best for you. The best way to reach me us by calling or texting my cell bc my e-mail isn't working right now. My # us (262) 844-3663. Thanks!