June 3, 2014

DD #42 - A Card to Remember

My uncle is a collector and a hoarder. While he has a number of collections, there doesn't appear to be an organized way to showcase his quite unique taste. When my cousins and I visited his very cluttered apartment, we were excited to come across a drawer full of basketball cards from the 60's and 70's.  Being avid sports fans and card collectors ourselves, we were very excited to hear that he would let us have a few cards to add to our own collections. My cousin, Tim, who was lucky enough to come across this drawer of cards went first and walked away with a Lew Alcindor and Julius Erving card. His younger brother Luke came next and was pleased to find an Oscar Robertson and Pete Maravich card. Seeing my two cousins walk away with cards of four hall of famers and legends of the game, I couldn't wait for my turn to look through the collection. As I began to search through the cards, my heart raced,  That excitement quickly fluttered away as I was "lucky"enough to walk away with a Jon McGlocklin and two Dave Debuscherres. We all still talk about our "luck" to this day.

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