June 9, 2014

DD #44 - Stranger at Summerfest

Getting lost at one of the biggest summer festivals in a city known for it's summer celebrations might be a scary and terrifying thought, For me, it was just another day. On a family outing to Summerfest in downtown Milwaukee, my family and I unintentionally parted ways. While this might have scared other young children, I apparently took advantage of this freedom and made a new friend. While I remember little about the actual separations and the adventure that happened during that nearly two-hour excursion from my family, I do remember getting found. In a sea of people on a bright sunny day, who would find a lost little boy?  An employee? Nope. A police officer patrolling the grounds? Not a chance. An elderly woman on a motorized cart. You got it! I recall being asked if I was lost, but not being concerned that that my answer  was yes. Moreover, I remember sitting on this stranger's lap cruising around on the electric scooter searching for my family. I remember finally meeting up with them and being more upset that I had to leave my new friend and the scooter than excited about the reunion. Who says strangers are all bad?

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