May 20, 2014

DD # 40 - Brandon

I couldn't wait to be an uncle.  I was ready to hold my nephew, play with him, and enjoy having another boy around since I was used to growing up with three older sisters. Despite only being ten years old, I was ready to take the responsibility of uncle seriously, even without truly even understanding what those responsibilities were.  So when my father called my sister and I into his room to talk, I didn't even know what to think about what he had to say. When he mentioned he had some bad news, instantly my mind went to my cat.  When he confirmed the cat was alive and well,  my mind moved on to to an older sister.  When he confirmed that they were alive, I remember being completely stumped.  In no way could I imagine that he was about to reveal that the nephew I was so anxiously waiting to meet didn't make it. I couldn't fathom a full-term baby dying during delivery. None of this made any sense. I remember a moment of confusion and denial before the tears came. I may have been only ten, but I felt like an adult for the very first time.

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