May 20, 2014

DD #41 - Three Point Champion

Growing up, I knew I was destined to be a professional athlete.  The biggest dilemma I faced was deciding on which professional sport I would ultimately choose.  In my early years, I had a good deal of success with basketball, so for a time, the path to the NBA was my road of choice.  To prepare for my career, I would partake in some summer skills camps.  One summer, at my future high school, I participated in a MACC fund camp.  The MACC fund was a childhood cancer research-based organization founded by Jon McGlocklin, a 1971 NBA champ with the Bucks and current Bucks broadcaster. On one of the final days of camp, all the participants took part in a three point challenge. With the rainbow jumper being one of his trademark skills, it made sense that Mr. McGlocklin himself would be there to crown the winner and talk to all the campers. With many, many hours being spent in all seasons of the year shooting long range shots at my backyard hoop, I managed to win the shooting competition. I remembered getting my t-shirt, trophy and congratulations from Mr. McGlocklin, the first championship on the path to NBA stardom.

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