December 21, 2014

Picture Book Preview

Here's a little story inspired by one of my students. A very early draft, so please let me know what you think.  Thanks for reading!


Jacob was glued to the window. Even after his teacher called him over, he was a tree rooted in the ground, mesmerized by the falling flakes of snow.
His teacher approached him and noticed a single tear rolling down his cheek.
“Jacob, what’s wrong?” Mr. Adams asked.
Jacob sighed. “This weekend is my last weekend here and my dad said it doesn’t snow at my new house,” he said.
“It’s OK buddy,” Mr. Adams said, “Think of all the new things you’ll be able to enjoy. Remember, you’re moving right near the ocean.”
“I’d rather think of all the things I could do here,” Jacob said as he walked away.
Like the falling morning snow, an idea fell into the head of Mr. Adams.
As the class was at lunch, Mr. Adams was busy at work.
As soon as lunch was over, the children headed to the recess doors, where they were met with a huge sign.
Outside, Mr. Adams was waiting with sleds, snowballs, and a smile.
Besides a few breaks for snacks and drinks, the class spent that snowy afternoon sledding up and down the hills, making forts and tunnels, and creating snow students.
As the afternoon came to an end and the time to came to pack up and head home, Jacob came over to Mr. Adams.
“Thanks Mr. Adams!” Jacob said. “I’m going to miss the snow and all of my friends. And I am going to miss you too!”
“Not as much as we are going to miss you!” Mr. Adams said.
After school that day, while Mr. Adams was reminiscing about the day, he had a new idea. He contacted Jacob’s new school.
Jacob spent his weekend heading to his warmer and unfamiliar home. Driving in the car hour after hour was exhausting. As day turned into night, he dozed off dreaming of the winter fun he had with his friends.
When he awoke, he noticed some significant changes. The snow was gone. He could feel the warmth of the sun’s rays seeping in through the car windows. He saw people in attire he only wore in summer. As his family headed to their new home, he smelled the fresh, crisp air and could taste the warm, salty water. He knew it was only a matter of time before he felt the gritty sand.
On Monday morning, Jacob woke up for his first day at his new school. When he arrived, the nerves had built up and he was worried that he would not like his new school and his new class. Those feelings melted away when he entered his new room to find pictures of his old classmates in their winter gear waiting for him at his desk.
“How do you get these?” he asked his new teacher, Ms. Brooke.
She replied, “Mr. Adams e-mailed them so you would always be able to have winter fun with your friends. He also had an idea he thought you’d enjoy.”
“What is it? “ Jacob asked.
“You’ll find out soon enough,” Ms. Brooke said.
The day progressed and Jacob became familiar with his new school. Parts of him still wished he could be back in the snow with his other class.
His wish came true.
Ms. Brooke handed out a book of letters and pictures that his former classmates created for him as a going-away gift. But before she gave the book to Jacob, she instructed all the kids to get a piece of paper and crumble it up into pieces. She looked at Jacob and said, “This is from Mr. Adams.”
“WELCOME TO WINTERPALOOZA!” she yelled, as she led the class in throwing the pieces up in the air and creating a virtual snowstorm.

The whole class was excited to have their first snowfall. Especially Jacob. 

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